PHOTOS: RAN on the Frontlines of Indonesia’s Endangered Rainforests

posted by Rainforest Action Network

RAN Forest Campaigner Lafcadio Cortesi and I traveled to Sumatra, Indonesia last month to meet with and interview an extensive network of allies involved in the movement to resist the rampant deforestation and human rights abuses occurring there.

We witnessed firsthand the ecological devastation, tense social conflicts and choking haze of carbon emissions resulting from the rapid deforestation of Indonesia’s rainforests by giant corporations establishing vast plantations for international commodities like paper and palm oil.


We also met with dozens of allied organizations to better coordinate our efforts to resist the corporate recklessness, government corruption and slick misinformation campaigns facilitating the continued destruction.

We visited the remote villages of Siabu, Muara Merang and Tanjung Alam. Just follow the previous Iinks to discover the ways each village is uniquely impacted by Indonesia’s forest crisis.

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