Video: PepsiCo Declared “Out of Order” Across the Globe

posted by Ethan Nuss

PepsiCo’s new palm oil policy and ‘action plan’ has a loophole the size of Indonesia.

Throughout the month of October, forest fires, intentionally lit to clear land for palm oil production, raged across Sumatra and Borneo while people took action around the globe to #ChallengePepsi to close this destructive loophole. We received hundreds of photos from supporters in which people declared PepsiCo vending machines, soda fountains, and store displays “Out of Order” to demand PepsiCo cut deforestation, human rights abuses, and climate pollution from its supply chain.

We received action photos from a wide range of places: from people in Arizona, Minnesota, New York, British Columbia, London, Taiwan, and Australia, to name just a few.  

Watch this two minute video compilation of all the action photos from across the globe:

Unfortunately, after the month of public pressure, PepsiCo responded by issuing a so-called ‘action plan’ that falls woefully short of what is required. PepsiCo continues to not address the deadly crises that results from its use of Conflict Palm Oil and continues to refuse to take necessary action while Indonesia is literally burning. We must keep the pressure on and expose PepsiCo’s ‘action plan’ for what it is––nothing more than spin!

Here are several things you can do to keep the pressure on:

  • Email PepsiCo – Email PepsiCo’s CEO Ms. Indra Nooyi here and demand that it close the loophole in its palm oil policy.

  • Post on PepsiCo’s Facebook page– Share the action video and let them know what you think of their palm oil policy. A sample message could be: Hundreds have taken direct action on your products, as shown at, because we demand an end to deforestation, land theft, species extinction, and child and forced labor for cheap snacks.

  • Write a letter to the editor – Big companies like PepsiCo hate bad press, so that is exactly why we need you to write letters to the editors of your local papers today. With the exception of the frontpage, this is the most read section of the newspaper.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the #ChallengePepsi actions! Let’s keep the pressure on!