Occupy Movement Starts Showing Up on Bank of America Doorsteps

By Rainforest Action Network

As the authorities attempt to evict Occupy protestors from public spaces, they are  showing up at Bank of America doorsteps across the country.

Yesterday, in Charlotte, environmental activists showed up and were arrested at BoA’s Corporate HQ to demand the bank end their financing of coal – the primary driver of climate change.

Today, in San Francisco, thousands have shown up at Bank of America offices to demand a federal sales tax on Wall Street financial transactions which would fund affordable, equitable public education from pre-K through post doctoral.

We’re proud to stand side by side on bank doorsteps with the ReFund California Coalition because we share the same goals: a just and equitable future. The same corporate interests are standing in the way of our futures.

Bank of America is in the center of the Occupy Movement because of its reckless financial practices that put profit before people and planet. The social, economic, and environmental crises sweeping the planet are inter-related symptoms born of the same root causes.

The key to protecting our environment and protecting each other is the same. The key is us. By working together we can redefine the underlying values that govern our society and rebuild our economy based on long-term needs, not short-term greed. We are one movement.