Keeping an Eye on Big Banks

By Rainforest Action Network
Dollar Bill Eye: Photo By Charles Shopsin

RAN has a strong history of pressuring the financial sector to take responsibility for where it invests money – and we are not alone. Here’s a peep at some websites from organizations around the world who are shining a spotlight on the banking sector…


BankTrack is a global network of civil society organizations and individuals tracking the operations of the private financial sector (commercial banks, investors, insurance companies, pension funds) and its effect on people and the planet. Their website is an excellent resource for information about critical ethical banking issues, listings of ‘dodgy deals’ and reports about the banking sector’s approach to corporate social responsibility.

Bank Secrets

A very interactive website that profiles the dubious dealings of 16 European banks, with links to ways that you can campaign to get the banks to clean up their acts.


A network of 60+ organizations from around the world interested in the impact of international financial institutions, such as the World Bank and IMF, on civil society organizations, policy makers, activists, researchers and journalists.

IFIwatch TV

TV shows, animations, documentaries, music videos, and feature films, along with critical news, blogs, events and detailed analysis of the International Financial Institutions still using taxpayer money for projects and policies few people want, as well as what we can do to change them.