Inspiring America to End Mountaintop Removal

posted by scott parkin

This year has seen an escalation in campaigns to stop mountaintop removal. It’s also seen an escalation in the backlash from Big Coal and it’s allies in the political world. Now is the time to not only resist mountaintop removal and Big Coal, but also inspire and organize your friends, families and neighborhoods to take action.

We can start with a petition to Lisa Jackson asking her to go to Appalachia and see the destruction for herself. Details are below.


Mountaintop removal depends on financing from America’s leading banks and approval from government regulators.

So far the Obama administration has not backed down from supporting mountaintop removal and without a significant change in the government’s mountaintop removal policy, mining companies will continue to destroy mountain ranges and bury Appalachia’s drinking water in toxic waste.

Today you can help by asking the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Lisa Jackson, to visit Appalachia and see the destruction caused by mountaintop removal for herself.

When you see with your owns eyes the way this horrific practice is ravaging the people, water and land of Appalachia it is impossible not to feel compelled to stop it.