Hundreds Protest Keystone XL In Philly, 29 Arrested – Story In Photos

By Rainforest Action Network

While the formal public comment period on the Keystone XL pipeline came to a close last Friday (with more than two million comments against the pipeline!), KXL opponents in Philadelphia today turned from words to actions. They said no to the pipeline by putting their bodies on the line.

More than one hundred protesters marched to the William J. Green Federal Building where waves of protesters proceeded to block entrances to the federal building for four hours. 29 participants were arrested disrupting business as usual and making sure the Obama Administration could not ignore their message: the President would betray both his promise and his commitment to battling climate change if he caves to Big Oil and approves the pipeline.

The protesters, many affiliated with Earth Quaker Action Team, brought brooms and banner to announce it is finally time for the government to sweep away its corrupt collusion with Big Oil. It sure was a beautiful site.

Show your support for these awesome protestors by pledging to participate in non-violent civil disobedience, if necessary, to stop Keystone XL!

Check out how the action unfolded from the best tweets of the day:












And the second wave begins!