Houston RAN Solidarity Action with No Coal Groups at BOA AGM

posted by scott parkin

Houston RAN did a solidarity action with No Coal groups at the Bank of America shareholders’ meeting.

Coal activism is POPPING. If you don’t have a coal plant or coal mine in your town, think about Citi and Bank of America– they keep the coal extractors and burners lights on (no pun intended).

Houston Rainforest Action Network led another action against Bank of America today in downtown Houston. Five activists, some with Houston Rainforest Action Network, and some with Sierra club let loose a large banner that stated “Bank of America, funding coal, killing communities.” Literature and bumper stickers with the same message where then passed out inside the retail lobby until members were asked to leave the property at which point they went on to pass out information to the general public outside.

Houston Rainforest Action Network has a message, STOP FUNDING MOUNTIANTOP REMOVAL!!! And coal is NOT clean. This action was done in solidarity with the national Rainforest Action Network members and others who were in North Carolina today at Bank of America’s shareholders meeting protesting outside and participating inside. Those inside the shareholder’s meeting in North Carolina said that they had certainly delivered the message as talk of coal investments dominated the meeting.

While this is just part of the campaign against coal that Houston Rainforest Action Network is involved in there is much more. They are also working in solidarity with Sierra Club in Houston as well as nationwide in a campaign against Dynegy. Dynegy’s headquarters are right here in Houston and they will be holding their annual shareholders meeting on May 14th. For more information how you can get involved please contact Kris Dingfield at 936-718-7955, Rachel Ford at 832-579-8391 or nonewcoalnow@yahoo.com