Help Sustain Direct Action in the Coalfields of Appalachia

posted by scott parkin

You may remember that last June 23, dozens of activists, including myself, organized a daring action to shut down one of Massey Energy’s mountaintop removal sites in West Virginia. That day, fourteen brave activists entered Massey’s mountaintop removal site in Twilight, West Virginia. They risked their lives to shut down a massive, 20-story high earth-destroying piece of mining equipment known as a ‘dragline,’ and to protect the families whose lives are harmed every day for this destructive mining practice.

Read more about the dragline action.

The “Dragline 14” needs your support! I need your support! Please donate!

Our subsequent legal costs have totaled over $23,000. Since last September, we have raised over half of it, but we still need to raise another $4,000 by early March.

I have donated to the Dragline 14 because I believe that sustaining the critical tradition of non-violent direct action is one of the only ways to ensure that we stop the destruction of eco-systems, the poisoning of communities and the contamination of precious drinking water from mountaintop removal. Together we must make a show of support for true heroes, and ensure that more follow in their footsteps.

Please donate to support the Dragline 14.

We’re mobilizing with house parties and personal appeals to friends and donors, but I need your help as well.

Please donate whatever you can ($5, $50 or $500) to help the “Dragline 14” pay our legal costs.

For the mountains, Scott Parkin