Taking your message to Guess

posted by Brihannala Morgan

For over a year, Rainforest Action Network has been calling on fashion brands to stand up for forests and those who depend on them. Wood-based fabrics, including rayon and viscose, can be associated with egregious human rights abuses and rainforest destruction. These popular fabrics are found the collections of some of the world’s biggest designers.

This week we are shining the spotlight on Guess, the iconic American brand, and one of the Fashion 15 companies that STILL hasn’t take action. We’ve sent them letters, you’ve sent them emails, and they know the impact that their fabrics can have on the world’s forests. Guess is long overdue to make change and ensure that rainforest destruction and human rights abuses aren’t making their way into any of the clothes that they sell.

This Wednesday, activists in San Francisco took the message directly to Guess, by delivering tens of thousands of petition signatures to the company directly at its San Francisco store. The team of activists staged a protest outside the store, and delivered tens of thousands of signatures to the Guess store manager. Activists also handed out information to interested people at the mall.

Want to add your voice? Take action now to demand change from Guess.

Post to Guess’s Facebook Page!

You could say something like: Guess, enough is enough! Thousands have written to demand you ensure your fabrics are free of deforestation and human rights abuses. It’s time to be a leader, and take action to protect the world’s forests.

Tweet at Guess!

For example: .@Guess – it’s time for you to get deforestation and human rights abuses #OutOfFashion! Will you listen?