Global warming deniers: A well-funded machine

posted by Rainforest Action Network

“If you think those who have long challenged the mainstream scientific findings about global warming recognize that the game is over, think again…”

Great cover story in the current issue of Newsweek examining the decades-long battle to undermine the scientific consensus on global warming waged by Big Coal, Big Oil and industry-funded front groups such as the Global Climate Coalition and the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

While this isn’t exactly a breaking news story (Mother Jones, Rolling Stone, Al Gore, and our friends at Expose Exxon have long been on the trail of these efforts by skeptics to reposition global warming as theory rather than fact for years), it’s encouraging to see Newsweek climb a bit deeper in their examination and reach a broader audience.

And with global warming finally getting the front page attention it deserves in prominent national magazines such as TIME, Vanity Fair, and even Sports Illustrated, one can only hope that the skeptics are one step closer to running out of quarters in their never-ending game to mislead the American public.