Giving to RAN: Lynn Israel

posted by Rainforest Action Network

Lynn IsraelA pocket of RAN’s strongest supporters is contained in Boulder, Colorado, and Rainmaker Lynn Israel is one of them. She took a few minutes to tell us why she’s passionate about saving the earth and its forests.

Preserving the Rainforest

At age eight, my son Avi wanted to give his birthday money to an organization dedicated to preserving the rainforest. I had heard about some of the creative and bold events that RAN had staged and had a tremendous respect for its collective courage and activism, so Avi and I chose RAN together.

Everyone Can Contribute to Sustain the Earth

As an educator, I believe it is essential that we share our knowledge of how everyone can contribute to sustaining our Mother Earth. RAN’s staff does just that. They’re a fantastic mix of dedicated, creative, and determined individuals using education and activism to create win-wins for corporations and people so both act in more environmentally conscious ways.

About Lynn

I am at a critical point in my evolution: I can no longer hide behind the false goal of material accumulation and individualism, so I am committed to creating a lifestyle that is more simple and one that fosters greater community in everything I do. I love this planet and my life and want to be part of the effort to sustain this earth for my and your great, great, great–and I hope even greater–grandchildren. Thank you, RAN, for helping me help!

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