Freedom From Oil Video

posted by Nile Ran

While automakers plan to offer more buyouts, permanently close more plants and continue to drag their feet to mass produce cleaner more fuel efficient vehicles, our labor solidarity allies (Bob Mabbitt and Melodee Hagenson) from Public Development in Flint, Michigan took our concerns to the street by creating a Freedom From Oil video highlighting the larger environmental and economic impacts of job loss in the auto sector.

The video was presented at the Tranportation Challenge Weekend Getaway in Detroit, Michigan days before sixty plus courageous students from across Michigan rallied in the cold outside of the the Detroit Auto Show.

The background song in the video is by the Long Hair Collective (Joe Reilly and Will Coeplan), a progressive Detroit based hip hop and folk group whose “Burning” song was done in partnership with the Freedom From Oil Campaign to bring awareness to oil, no more war and climate actions occurring all over the country. Check out the video and share the video with others.