Free the Wayzata 3

By Rainforest Action Network

In what has become quite a local buzz, RAN just released a shocking video of police arresting a mother orangutan and her baby from a public bench in downtown Wayzata, Minnesota. To be perfectly clear, this mother orangutan, just like the hitch-hiking male orangutan that was arrested outside of Cargill’s HQ last week by private security, is a mannequin. In other words, Cargill is so determined to extinguish all orangutan protest activities that it’s ordering local police to arrest inanimate objects.

The invasion of orangutans that has taken Cargill’s hometown by storm to ask that Cargill stop decimating their rainforest homes has become quite controversial. The Wayzata police are still holding these orangutans, their whereabouts are still unknown, and it’s unclear whether or not police have pressed any charges.

None of the orangutans were involved in any illegal activity. They were seen carrying signs that read “Evicted by Cargill. Will work for habitat,” and “Home destroyed for palm oil. Anything helps.”

We need your help to demand justice for these political prisoners. With nowhere else to go after their homes are destroyed, endangered orangutans have resorted to taking action by protesting the destruction, ending up in jail thanks to Cargill security forces and Long Lake police.

Check out this video in which bystanders captured video footage of a stern Long Lake Police officer loading the refugee animals into the back of a squad car.

[youtube uwl9H9gtR6s 550]