End Mountaintop Removal Day of Action, October 30, 2009

posted by scott parkin

Join Mountain Justice, Energy Justice Network and Rainforest Action Network as We Mobilize to End Mountaintop Removal.

SIGN UP:http://ran.org/endmtrdoa

WHAT: Actions at the EPA and across the country calling for an end to mountaintop removal
WHEN: Friday, Oct. 30
WHERE: Your Town, USA
CONTACT: dirtymoney@ran.org or fossilfuels@enerjustice.net; or Mountain Justice at http://mountainjusticesummer.org/contact.php; or call 1-800-989-RAIN
INFO: http://dirtymoney.org; http://mountainjusticesummer.org; http://energyjusticenetwork.net

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Join the National Day of Action to End Mountaintop Removal.

This is an American tragedy that we have the power to stop it.

The end of mountaintop removal is almost here. Political and financial decision-makers in New York, Washington D.C. and across the country continue to hear our message.

• Obama’s EPA has made some good first steps, but they need to continue getting our loud and clear message- End Mountaintop Removal! They ultimately have the power to veto the permits that allow mountaintop removal to exist.
• JPMorgan Chase is now the largest funder of mountaintop removal coal mining on Wall Street. Bank of America and Citibank both heard your voices and adopted policies to cease financing the worst coal companies. Chase’s financing keeps these mining companies in business and needs to stop.
• On the ground in Appalachia, coalfield communities and their allies have been taking action to stop mountaintop removal. Over 100 people have been arrested in Appalachia this year. We need to continue this fight in the hills and hollers, but also into the cities and streets of the entire country.

Everyday coal companies in Appalachia pulverize beautiful mountains, using more explosive force than at Hiroshima. Whole mountain ranges are gone: more than 500 mountains demolished to date, the surrounding communities which go back hundreds of years often forced off their land. MTR has buried thousands of miles of rivers, polluted our drinking water, and clear-cut thousands of acres of the world’s most biologically diverse forests. All this destruction for less than 8% of the nation’s coal supply.

It’s time to stand up with the people in Appalachia and end mountaintop removal.

Here’s how you can join:
• Find a political or financial decision-maker near you
• Register your action now at www.dirtymoney.org
• Download materials at www.dirtymoney.org
• Contact us for support. We can send you materials, as well as help you brainstorm potential actions.
• Use our facebook invite at: http://bit.ly/4reUxG
• Get your group to endorse the Day of Action
• Join the upcoming conference call check-ins- Oct 20th

Brought to you by the mighty fine folks at Mountain Justice, Energy Justice Network and Rainforest Action Network

Endorsed by Climate Ground Zero, Coal River Mountain Watch, Greenpeace, Rising Tide North America, United Mountain Defense and a cast of thousands.