Earth Day is About Action

posted by Brad Schenck

Did you know today is Earth Day?
Did you know that because you’ve been swamped with “Go Green” commercials?
Is your TV and Facebook suddenly filled with polar bears and pollution stats?

That’s not what Earth Day is about.
Earth Day was born out of action — not slogans.




Through the vision of anti-war and environmental activists, Earth Day sprang to life in 1970 across colleges and universities, primary and secondary schools, and countless communities across the country. On that day, more than 20 million people took action and took the streets to support the planet.

Earth Day is about saying enough is enough. We must take meaningful action now.
So today I’m asking you to join us in our most important actions to preserve our forests, protect our climate and defend the human rights of frontline communities.

Please Join Us and take action today.
Because from now on, Earth Day is Every Day.



  For people and planet,
  Brad A Schenck – @BradASchenck
  Digital Engagement Director