Darth Vader takes on the American Power Act

posted by Rainforest Action Network

This week the “climate” bill was rolled out in it’s newest form, the American Power Act (APA). The APA is little more that a handout to the largest polluters. Seems that the obscene amounts of money Big Oil and King Coal have dumped into DC is paying off (no pun intended). The truly disturbing part of the whole thing is that the fossil fuel industry is not even trying to hide it. In fact the fossil fuel industry seems to be reveling in the moment, with likes of Edison Electric and Duke Energy speaking at the unveiling the APA with Senators Kerry and Lieberman, while Shell oil put out a gushing press release in support of the bill.

Well “Greenwash of the Week” attempted to take a closer look at the American Power Act, little did we know we were about to get more than we bargained for. Your hosts were hijacked my the true orchestrator of  the devious and awful bill…Darth Vader.