Coal Tattoo: Massey’s Blankenship to Plead the Fifth in Mining Disaster Probe

By scott parkin

Don Blankenship is going to plead the 5th in the Upper Big Branch probe. Seems that Big Don is invoking his right to avoid self-incrimination.

I’m pretty shocked and awed by this bit of information. I guess all those times I called Blankenship a “homicidal maniac,” his lawyers didn’t disagree.

Per Ken Ward at Coal Tattoo:

We’ve just confirmed that retiring Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship no longer plans to appear next week to be questioned by state and federal investigators who are looking into the Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster.

C.A. Phillips, acting director of the state Office of Miners Health, Safety and Training, said his agency was informed just a little while ago that Blankenship would invoke his 5th Amendment rights and not answer questions from the investigation team.

UPDATED: Here’s a copy of a letter from Blankenship’s attorney to the state Office of Miners Health Safety and Training.