Climate Ground Zero Action Camp: Day 4

posted by Brant Ran

Climate Ground Zero Action Camp 002Some of the magic of action camp kicks in when the group reaches a level of cohesion like it did today…suddenly the potential of the group is palpable as so many of the folks have connected and shared skills and stories. Trust and relationships are forming, it is quite powerful.

Today the techies rule, as a variety of higher level communications devices for scouting and actions come out to play as the ran gives way to sunshine in the afternoon. Blockades are also on the menu this day, from the old school sit ins to tripods and lockboxes to add to the power of such actions.

Many of us are still basking in all the good news that seemed to roll in yesterday on some of our campaigns and on other issues that were important to us…. the victory at Grassy Narrows see, the positive election outcome on many of our issues and local key races, and word that the Canadian Parliament had voted to allow US conscientious objectors to seek safe haven within Canada. Although not necessarily the issues of this camp, these victories nurture us as we gobble up the little bits of news we get off the net and on our blackberries while out here at camp.

Tomorrow we have a role play simulation of an action, a great learning experience for all. The camp participants have broken into three groups and are meeting feverishly, but we have no information on their plans as they are practicing a security culture and the trainers know nothing about their plans!!! All will be revealed tomorrow.

Campaign briefings and many side discussions have folks contemplating the possible action collaborations that could take place in the coming months. To be sure the value of this coming together will resonate for months to come!

As I think about returning home to Southeastern Utah, I wonder how well our communities will do in resisting the onslaught of oil and gas projects springing up every day, let alone tarsands and oil shale projects threatening Utah and Western Colorado. They are calling in the future energy basket of the nation….I know now that I have allies in that struggle, and that the groups who came together here will play a part in shaping a different future for that part of the country.