Climate Ground Zero Action Camp: Day 3

posted by Brant Ran

As the camp begins preparing to apply new skills during Friday’s all-camp “simulation”, day three reactions are coming in via the Climate Ground Zero blog.

From the new-school: 21 year old Sam from Portland:

I came to this camp not really knowing what to expect and I’m really impressed with the atmosphere. The trainers are understanding and accommodating. Seeds of Peace have been offering amazing food. The young people here from all around the U.S. and Canada are passionate, educated, eager, and driven.

From the Old-School: 46 year old Ageless JR from Montana

I have learned over the years that actions demand top notch preparation, mental toughness, a high degree of flexibility & creativity, overcoming whatever challenges are thrown your way, and always maintaining a positive attitude under adverse conditions. The Boy Scouts motto could certainly be the lesson of today “always be prepared.”

Tonight, we’re talking Canadian tar sands and coal. On Friday, the showdown!