Climate Activist Faces 3 Years in Prison for….. Dropping a Banner?

posted by scott parkin

Longtime RAN friend and ally, Ted Glick, the policy director for the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, is facing up to three years in jail for dropping a banner in the Hart Senate Building.

Last fall, Glick unfurled two banners saying “Green Jobs Now” and “Get to Work” from the Hart Senate Office Building’s 7th floor into the atrium. The U.S. Attorney is looking to triple the amount of time you get for the offense to teach Glick (arrested 16 times in the past) and others like him a lesson.

Reports TruthDig: “Glick says he is being punished for not accepting a plea bargain which would have carried a mandatory 30-day jail sentence. He refused the deal because he was “unwilling to accept that anyone should go to jail for 30 days for hanging a banner.”

And of course while Ted Glick is facing jail time, the executives at Massey and BP are walking around free, going yachting and puttings thousands into the political process to keep themselves safe.