Chevron Confidential Employee ‘Whistle Blower’ Hotline

posted by Rainforest Action Network

In light of today’s shocking revelations about longtime Chevron contractor Diego Borja, we are launching a confidential hotline for Chevron employees to report ‘suspect’ activities by the oil giant.

This Chevron whistleblower hotline is toll-free and confidential. 1-877-844-4114

A confidential Spanish-language hotline is also being established in Ecuador. We hope Chevron employees and contractors, who worked in the oil pits and witnessed first hand the fraudulent “remediation” of the toxic oil pits Chevron is responsible for, will come forward.

As the blog “Chevron in Ecuador” reports:

Today, it was revealed that threatened to reveal damaging evidence “cooked” by Chevron in the environmental trial in Ecuador unless he received enough money for turning over secret videotapes to high-ranking Chevron executives. The revelations are contained in a report authored by San Francisco Bay Area-based attorney and Private Investigator Grant Fine.

On the audiotapes [click here to listen, and read translated transcripts ], Borja said he has enough evidence to ensure a victory by the Amazon communities if Chevron failed to pay him what he was promised. Before turning over the videotapes to Chevron, Borja said he made sure Chevron “completely understood” he wanted payment for them.

Borja says Chevron hired him to create four companies so his work for the oil company would appear “independent.” He suggests that the companies were connected to a laboratory to test contamination samples. Borja says the laboratory was not independent, but rather “belonged” to Chevron.

Today’s revelations are only the latest example of Chevron using dirty tricks to muddy and delay justice for the people of Ecuador who have been waiting for decades for the oil giant to clean up their toxic mess.

Chevron has delayed the legal case against them for over 17 years now and have recently hired big gun law firm Gibson and Dunn to further deny justice to families who are suffering in Ecuador,

The 30,000 Ecuadorean people who continue to drink poisoned water because of Chevron, need Chevron employees and contractors with a conscience to come forward.

We know that good people work within the company that know damaging details about their employer’s corrupt activities. It can be frightening to come forward, but if there was ever a moment to find that courage, it is now. Every day that a Chevron employee conceals critical information, more people in Ecuador get sick and die.

If Chevron Whistleblowers don’t want to use our confidential hotline, they can also contact or