Climate week –– the largest coordinated global climate protest in history.

By Ayse Gürsöz

The scale is just wild. From September to 20-27, thousands of climate strikes swept the globe. Millions of people of all backgrounds, ages, regions, and faiths flooded the streets, demanding urgent climate action. With more than 6,000 events in 185 countries and 7.6 million people participating, this was the biggest climate mobilization in history. And this is exactly the scale with which we need to address the scale of the climate crisis.

From San Francisco to Jakarta, we at Rainforest Action Network were thrilled to join you in the streets and at the banks, demanding real action on climate, which means keeping forests standing and fossil fuels in the ground. That’s why we especially took aim at global banks to stop financing rainforest destruction and fossil fuel extraction! Here are some highlights from this historic week:

Sept 20: San Francisco to Jakarta, We Take to the Streets

Sept 21: Chicago Throws Down at World’s Worst Banker of Climate Change: CHASE. Three Arrested.

Sept 22: Indigenous Leaders Across The World Gather to Strategize on Protecting the World’s Forests

Sept 23: Fossil Banks, No Thanks!

Sept 24: BlackRock, Stop Funding Rainforest Destruction!

Sept 25: Shut It Down!

Sept 27: CHASE! Defund Climate Change and Stop Violating Indigenous Rights!

The science is clear. We need rapid action to tackle climate change, and failure to act will lead to incalculable suffering. It’ll take everyone to secure a better future and avert the worst of the climate crisis.

What happens next is up to us. No matter where you live, there’s a way to take action. And just this month, over 400 scientists endorsed a declaration supporting mass civil disobedience to force climate action.

Don’t stop here! Join us in this momentous time to fight for our future. Together we can end the age of fossil fuels and rainforest destruction. Together we are unstoppable.

No need to wait for the next climate strike to use your power. Join us for actions and trainings.

You can get started here right now.