Busted In Bejing

posted by scott parkin

Last week, I posted a blog about ten activists who were sentenced to ten days in a Chinese prison after doing pro-Tibet actions at the Olympics. Thankfully, they ended up being there for only three days, but had a terrible ordeal in that time.

Two of the activists are friends and comrades of mine, Jeremy Wells and John Watterberg. Both have worked with me on the Coal Finance campaign all over the country, and along with the rest of the RAN NYC crew and are some of our most solid activists.

Their action a couple of weeks ago which re-enacted the silent protest by John Carlos and Tommie Smith at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics got international coverage.

Vanity Fair posted an article
this week about them and their experiences in China.

Here’s to John and Jeremy and everyone else who risked much for the Tibetan people at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.