Breath Of Fresh Air: Two Kentucky Coal Plants Cancelled

posted by Rainforest Action Network

Coal Plant Photo By Bruno D. RodriguesGreat news from our friends at Kentuckians For The Commonwealth (KFTC): the coal-burning power plant proposed by the East Kentucky Power Cooperative (EKPC) has been canceled by the utility.

East Kentucky Power Cooperative has entered into an agreement with KFTC, Kentucky Environmental Foundation (KEF), Sierra Club, Kentucky Office of the Attorney General and a number of its customers, committing to halt its plans for two coal-burning power plants in Clark County, one currently under construction and one planned for the future.

The news gets better. EKPC has also committed $125,000 toward a collaborative effort in which public interest groups–EKPC, its member co-ops, and other parties–will work together to evaluate and recommend new energy efficiency programs and renewable energy options.

“This cancellation of the Smith plant is a great example of New Power–Kentuckians working together to reach toward opportunities for a better future. Maybe the most important New Power outcome is the opportunity the settlement creates for what we hope and expect will be a more open, inclusive approach to co-op decision making. This is not the end of the struggle – it’s the beginning of new one. And it seems very important for KFTC to make the most of this new opportunity through effective participation in the collaborative. It has to be the future. Let’s go get it!”

Steve Boyce, KFTC Chairperson