Breaking News: EPA Challenges Massey over Coal River Mountain

posted by Rainforest Action Network

From RAN’s Dana Clarke

We’ve just learned that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has sent a very legalistic letter to Marfork Coal Company, the Massey Energy subsidiary that is blasting on Coal River Mountain. The letter follows up on an EPA site visit to Coal River Mountain earlier this month, and notes with concern that the company appears to be operating without the required permit under the Clean Water Act. It calls for Marfork to answer a series of tough questions about its operations within 30 days.

Whether this will be enough for Marfork/Massey to stop the blasting and preserve Coal River Mountain is not yet clear, but what is clear is that the EPA is using its legal and regulatory authority to intervene in the operation of the Bee Tree mine on Coal River Mountain, which is just what we’ve been calling on them to do.

Good news! We’ll post more updates as we learn more.