Bank of America: You Can’t Bail out a Dead Planet

posted by scott parkin

Coal and climate activists have really been stepping it up in Charlotte and North Carolina. Between Duke Energy building a 800 NW new coal plant in Cliffside, NC and Bank of America funding every coal related enterprise under the sun, the Tarheel state is really seeing activist things happen.

Today it happened again, Bank of America was besieged by climate activists inside and outside their annual shareholders’ meeting.

But before the meeting, RAN began mixing it up in Charlotte by running an ad in the local alt weekly “Creative Loafing” with an ad saying “You Can’t Bailout a Dead Planet.”


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The inside details will be posted here shortly.

boa agmOutside, about 20 activists chanted, messaged to shareholders, employees and passer-bys and kept a vocal visible presence throughout the meeting watched over with a careful eye by a coal-filled effigy of CEO Ken Lewis. Pics are posted here. ken lewis