Australians Shut Down Giant Coal Export Terminal

posted by scott parkin

UPDATE: Check out the video of the Aussie action at Hay Point.

[youtube GnXx_-U23QU]

I got forwarded this from some of my friends down under. Daring, bold and inspiring Australian Greenpeace direct actionistas shut down one of the largest coal export terminals in the world with lock downs and a climb team on the Queensland coast.


Early in the morning, they entered the facility. The lock down team was cut out, but the climbers stayed on for over a day. The climbers scaled a 50 meter coal loading machine and have been there over 36 hours dangling like fruit bats.

Over 54,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions have been saved and coal ships are backed up waiting for the facility to be cleared.

Further north in Cairns, Kevin Rudd is meeting with Pacific Islander leaders discussing cuts in greenhouse gas emissions. Those most severely affected by climate change are demanding that Rudd act with daring and bold policy to stem the worst effects of climate change.


Even though the Hay Point coal export terminal is already one of the biggest in the world, it is now being expanded from 112 to 190 million tonnes per year.