At What Cost?

By Rainforest Action Network

Late last week, NBC’s primetime program “Rock Center with Brian Williams” aired an episode about the destruction of the last remaining orangutan habitat, the Tripa forest of Indonesia, for palm oil plantations.

Rainforest Action Network helped with the behind the scenes legwork to get this important program on the air. Now we need to maximize its impact by ensuring as many people see it as possible. Please watch the show today (below) and then share it with your friends and family using the social media buttons above.

It is because of the tireless efforts of RAN supporters and activists that the destruction of the Tripa forest first gained an international spotlight. The response to our call to action, combined with media coverage about the decimation of what had been the densest population of orangutans left in the world, led the President of Indonesia to dispatch a team of investigators to the scene.

What happened next was historic. In a country with a dismal record of enforcing its own laws when it comes to protecting forests, the investigators declared that the clearing was indeed illegal and the operating permit for the main company responsible was revoked.

It is more important than ever that the eyes of the world remain focused on the threats facing Indonesia’s orangutans so that enforcement becomes the norm and not the exception.

Let’s ensure this NBC piece has the farthest reach of any coverage the orangutan crisis has received yet. Please help us by watching and sharing this video widely.