Activists raise a 150 square foot “FORECLOSED?” sign behind iconic Wall Street bull

posted by Josh Ran

With the economy in tatters and Congress fumbling for answers, at high noon today activists scaled the 40-foot flagpoles behind the iconic Wall Street bull and raised an American flag with the word “FORECLOSED?” emblazoned across the front. An accompanying rally of fifty people, surrounded by teams of tourists and onlookers, called for an end to Wall Street’s reckless financial practices that threaten to foreclose on America’s future, while demonstrators carried signs reading “families before financiers” and “our planet, our money, our future”.

Onlookers cheered encouragement, adding to the strangely carnival-like atmosphere on Wall Street that has developed since tectonic shifts started rocking the financial sector. Perhaps because people are realizing that today’s crisis can be tomorrow’s opportunity – our financial system is collapsing and we now have an historic opportunity to start laying a foundation for a new, sustainable economy based on justice and fairness rather than corruption and greed.

What does that economy look like?