A Halloween Trick for Pepsi

By Brad Schenck

Happy Halloween! I hope you’re enjoying the holiday more than Pepsi is today. See, the marketing folks over at Pepsi have been trying all week to promote their holiday hashtag #LetsGetSpooky. You, all of us at RAN, and thousands around the world know what’s really spooky — the deforestation and human rights abuses associated with PepsiCo’s use of Conflict Palm Oil.

It’s spooky, it’s scary, it’s downright evil stuff. And right now, Conflict Palm Oil is in PepsiCo’s snacks which are sold in over 200 countries.

We’ve been telling Pepsi to cut this scary ingredient for over a year, and it just isn’t listening or taking action to break its ties to deforestation and human rights abuses. So we decided to take drastic measures with a “Pepsercism.” It’s not quite an exorcism, but we certainly hope it will help get the message to Pepsi to banish the evil which is Conflict Palm Oil.

Check out the video of Strawberry the orangutan and I attempting a “Pepsercism,” and then please share this video on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #LetsGetSpooky to really give Pepsi a scare.



Let’s have some fun with this for Halloween!

Thanks for all you do.