Special Election! Cast your vote for the worst corporation of 2009!

posted by Rainforest Action Network

Corporate Accountability International, a membership organization that protects people through campaigns that challenge abusive corporations, wants you to cast your vote in their Corporate Hall of Shame (http://bit.ly/8QxAKG)

The Corporate Hall of Shame serves to expose some of the most manipulative and harmful corporations, and the most abusive corporation is “awarded” based on voting by the public.

Nominees this year include some pretty egregious offenders – from Big Oil’s largest polluter and greenwasher,  ExxonMobil, to Coca-Cola, the world’s largest beverage corporation that’s threatening water resources globally, to insurance behemoth AIG and its predatory lending practices.

Voters are also encouraged to write in their own choice for most shameful corporation of 2009. The current leading write-in candidate is Cargill!

Polls close soon – so cast your vote today in the Corporate Hall of Shame (http://bit.ly/8QxAKG)!CAI