Report-Backs from 340+ Crude Screenings Rolling In!

posted by Rainforest Action Network

Crude screening report-backs are rolling in from all over the US. When it’s all said and done we will have had over 340 Crude screenings! With this many screenings it’s safe to say that 1000’s of people are learning about Chevron’s toxic legacy in Ecuador, and the communities fighting to hold them accountable. Even more exciting is knowing that all of people will be taking this story of Chevron’s pollution in Ecuador back to their neighbors, classmates, and co-workers. I’ve enjoyed going to a couple screenings and talking to folks about the current news around the $27 billion court case, and giving updates around our campaign. One of my favorite events was in Mill Valley CA last week.

I went up to Mill Valley CA, a small town just north of San Francisco to a retirement village that had asked me to come and answer questions after their Crude event. Warren, the event’s organizer, had called me and said that “usually we watch Bill Moyers on Wednesday nights, but this film is too important to miss”. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I had never spoken at a retirement home, so I was thrilled to walk into a ballroom filled with nearly 50 “Seniors for Peace”.

The film started around 7:00 so by the end around 9:00 people were pretty tired, and not surprisingly a more than a few folks were ready for bed. However most everyone stayed and asked a few questions that the movie brought up. Some questions were very pragmatic: “who’s going to clean it up? I wouldn’t want Chevron to be in charge again”.  However, the one that stuck was “Can I show Crude to my grandkids? I want them to know what Chevron did”. This question cuts to the heart of these screenings and this story. One of the most important things we must do is share this story and educate each other of what Chevron has done as a company and what we must do to hold them accountable.

This event was one that has stuck with me because it embodies not only people from all corners of live taking action to support the communities in Ecuador, but it illustrates the intergenerational outrage against Chevron and it’s continued human rights abuses. Hopefully we are at the last generation that has to live with Chevron’s pollution and disregard for human and environmental rights.

It’s obvious that people are ready to hold them accountable and spread the story of Chevron’s destructive operations. 340 Crude screenings and counting…

Here are a few of the report-backs rolling in to us…

David in Leeds UK had over 45 people at his home screening: “Some people were already  planning ways to keep this issue in the minds of people in Leeds, such as holding an open-mic fundraiser, which we now hope to put on in a few weeks time.”

People enjoyed a “Crude cake” in Forestville, CA.

Bob from the Delco Greens in PA held a screening for nearly 40 people and facilitated a 1 hour discussion on the film.

In Graffton, OH over a dozen high school students screened the film and are now taking it to their school.


In Palo Alto, the screening of Crude at World Centric was a big success.  They had 30 people in attendance; collected funds for community travel a long list of signatures.  The film was very well received and there was a prolonged discussion afterwards that went on for well over one hour.

Denise and Shawn just completed a screening to 15 friends and family in St. Peter, MN.

At the Crude Screening in Ashland OR over 40 people showed up and also raised funds to bring community members impacted by Chevron to the annual shareholders meeting.

Katalina reported back that she crammed over 10 friends into our tiny apartment to screen the film to as many people as her home would fit.

LPSG South Bay had a successful screening of Crude with more than 13 people attended the screening. “Everybody stayed after the film to participate in the discussion, which lasted for over an hour. Many people want their family and friends to see the film. Most, if not all the people who attended signed the petition to the new CEO of Chevron.”