80 New Permits=80 Less Mountains

posted by scott parkin

Here’s a good reason to sign the new Climate Pledge of Resistance.

Within the next month, the EPA may start approving more than 80 new mountaintop removal mining permits. In my mind, 80 new permits equals 80 mountains.

MTR 12

Early on in the Obama administration, we thought they were moving towards ending this practice which destroys mountains, poisons water and harms communities, but after pressure from the mining industry and various pro-coal politicians they signaled their retreat. Now we could see an entire new round of destruction from these new permits.

To date, 500 mountains have been destroyed (now we’re looking at another 80?), 2000 miles of rivers and streams have been buried and over a million acres of forest cut down. Every week, Appalachia is hit with more force than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

If Obama’s retreat on mountaintop removal continues there won’t be any mountains left in Appalachia.

How much more are we going to take? Get involved now to help stop this horrible practice.