3 Outrageous Claims the Media Is Making About Keystone XL

By Rainforest Action Network

Here are the 3 most outrageous things the media is saying about the Keystone XL pipeline:

“Tar sands oil will be developed and transported to the gulf coast, with or without a pipeline…”

You can read the full #KXLBullshit from Newsweek here.

The Keystone XL pipeline and the future development of tar sands is not inevitable, in fact to secure a stable climate, we must keep this dirty fuel in the ground. It’s clear to all of us that tar sands oil shouldn’t be transported at all, by pipe or train or llama or bucket brigade!

“It will create thousands of jobs and will have minor environmental impacts.”


You can read the full #KXLBullshit from Forbes here.

Yes, a couple thousand jobs would be created temporarily to build it. After that, the consensus is that around 35 permanent jobs would be created in an economy of 150 million people. Does this factor in economic instability and displacement caused by climate change? No, because it’s pure #KXLBullshit.

“Environmentalists get back to your serious work, the Keystone XL isn’t it.”

You can read the Washington Post’s editorial board taking their work “seriously” here.

Hey “Editorial Board,” what could be more serious than a thousand-mile-long tar sands pipeline that threatens millions of people’s water and contributes the equivalent of 6 million tailpipes-worth of climate pollution every year? Yeah, you get the coveted triple-starred #KXLBullshit award on this one.

Have you seen any outrageous claims about Keystone XL in the media? If you do, call it out using the hashtag #KXLBullshit.

Tell the State Department you think the entire thing is #KXLBullshit HERE.