100+ Die-In with Mock Oil Spill at Chevron’s San Francisco Offices

posted by Rainforest Action Network

Yesterday RAN and the Change Chevron team joined Mobilization for Climate Justice as over 150 people marched through the streets of San Francisco on a tour of Big Oil and climate culprits (check out the all the pictures here). The protest was held on the 5th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the worst climate induced natural disaster in US history. The March began with over 100 folks converging on Chevron’s downtown offices  (Coincidentally Kroll industries, the firm hired by Chevron to acquire spies in Ecuador shares the same building. Did I say coincidence?) for a mock oil spill and die-in organized by RAN.  While at Chevron marchers, community members, and business people on lunch break, listened to Rev Kenneth Davis and Jessica Tovar two long- time activists fighting Chevron’s refinery expansion in Richmond, CA. Their words were as inspiring as they were invigorating, because they are winning!

After Chevron, the march snaked it’s way to the EPA regional offices where groups called on the EPA to be held accountable for the toxic dispersants used after the gulf oil spill. Of course none of those dispersants would have been necessary if it were not for the marches next target, BP.

After the brief stop at the EPA the march turned its sights on the BP offices. While at the BP offices over a dozen people blockaded the main intersection outside the office while a group of other activists blocked the front entrance of the corporate offices. With the support of over 150 people the blockades went on for over an hour. The day’s blockades resulted in 15 arrests making it the largest direct action against BP in the US since the oil spill.

However, judging by the energy and urgency in the crowd yesterday it won’t be the last against BP…or Chevron