10 Alternative Treats for Halloween

Skip the Palm Oil, Save Orangutans and Have Fun!

By Marie Michelson

Trick or Treat?

We asked and YOU answered!

We asked our community: What are fun alternatives to problematic candy this Halloween? Most of us love chocolate, but too many candymakers — like Nestlé, Mars, Mondelēz and Hershey’s — are more concerned about profits than about rainforests being destroyed by Conflict Palm Oil (which is found in their chocolate!).

Here’s what you came up with:

1) Red Licorice
2) Fruit Roll Ups
It’s a tie for the top spot!

Who doesn’t love licorice? Or those flat fruity things? There are more than a few delicious versions of these two favorites that don’t contain palm oil. Colorful? Check. Tasty? Check. Fun? Crazy Fun! Winner!

3) Satsuma Oranges

Depending on the volume of munchkins at your door, this could be cost prohibitive. But if you only receive a few dozen ghouls each year, we guarantee happiness. Mmm, mmm, mmm.

4) Chewing Gum

We all know where chewing gum got Violet Beauregarde. The competitive gum chewer completely ignored Willy Wonka’s warning and was thusly turned into a giant blueberry. Nasty habit — but many versions are free of palm oil!

5) Temporary Tattoos

Body modification is always best when it’s temporary — at least for the elementary and middle school crowd. Let the kids test the waters with some painless and regret-free ink. Rock and Roll!

6) Pencils

OK — we are edging dangerously close to school territory here. But did you know that promoting analog creativity in children will result in complete inner peace and unbridled professional success? It’s a fact! We’re pretty sure, anyway.

7) Erasers

This is not some sort of knee-jerk one-upsmanship against your neighbor who’s handing out pencils. Rather, there are some really cool — and inexpensive — erasers out there that kids really dig. Cute and useful!

8) Raisins

The boxes are adorable. They taste great. They actually have nutritional value. Trifecta!

9) Bamboo Toothbrushes

The choice for the true iconoclast — we know you’re out there. Environmentally sustainable. Immediately relevant. Lasting quality. And highly appreciated by parents.

10) Cold Hard Cash!

We’re talking quarters. Kids know value.

We mostly want to send a HUGE THANK YOU, to our RAN community for sending us such great suggestions.

And if you haven’t done so already, please sign the petition today to tell candymakers to cut Conflict Palm Oil — then share it far and wide!


Trick or Treat?