Goldman Prize Winner Takes P&G Fight to Cincinnati

Delima Silalahi knows a thing or two about holding corporations accountable: Her recent campaign work turned the tide in a decades-long struggle between Batak Toba Indigenous peoples, stewards of some…

Three Ways Ferrero is Breaking Our Hearts

The maker of Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, Brach’s Candy, Ferrero Rocher, Nutella, and Girl Scout Cookies has fueled the destruction of one part of the world to profit off another! This Valentine’s Day, tell Ferrero we’ve had ENOUGH of its sweet nothings!​ 💔

Our strategy works!
You moved Nestlé!

You did it! We pressured Nestlé to own up to its impacts on forests and communities! Now candymakers Mars, Mondelēz, and Ferrero MUST step up and follow suit!

Stop Deforestation

Corporate greed is driving the destruction of entire rainforest ecosystems to make the products that line our store shelves. Every massive brand and bank we move from policy to action influences the entire industry. With your help, we can bring powerful public pressure to bear on corporations to stop deforestation and end human rights abuses.

Keep Forests Standing
Campaign Launch!

Today, we’re putting 17 brands and banks on notice: end deforestation and the expansion of logging and industrial agriculture into the last tropical rainforests of Indonesia, the Amazon, and the Congo Basin, in particular areas traditionally owned and managed by Indigenous Peoples and local communities…NOW.