The Meaning of Juneteenth

There’s a lot of history in the U.S. that has gone untaught in schools. This country’s land was stolen from Indigenous communities and its wealth was built by enslaved Black…

RAN Statement on Guilty Verdict in Derek Chauvin Trial

Today’s jury ruling in the police murder of George Floyd is historic. It provides rare and desperately needed accountability for a grieving nation traumatized from relentless acts of police violence…


We need to move forward for racial justice, move forward to keep forests standing, and move forward to halt climate catastrophe. Of course, we can’t simply forget the past four…

An Absence of Justice

Yesterday was not a protest: it was a violent insurrection. It was an attempted coup and domestic terrorism. And yet, the police response to yesterday’s attack on the seat of…

Organizing During Crisis

People power has the potential to create monumental change– and this has never been more evident than now. Understanding how to organize safely during the recent crises has resulted in some of the most creative and collaborative movement building we’ve seen in recent times.

keep forests standing banner in rainforest

A Movement for Racial Justice

The fight against climate change, deforestation, and human rights abuses is inextricably linked to the fight for racial justice. Climate justice and racial justice are one in the same, and the environmental movement is not whole without bringing a racial justice lens to the forefront of fighting corporate power.

Portland, Protests and People Power

The Black Lives Matter movement continues to push for justice — and the federal government wants to silence us.

Human Rights

There is no environmental justice without racial justice. Only if equality, equity and the respect for basic rights are guaranteed for all human beings, will we be able to protect rainforests and our global climate — and only if these remain intact, can true racial and social justice be achieved.

Black Lives Matter

RAN stands in solidarity with those in the streets bringing attention to the movement for black lives and seeking to gain justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and…