Make Top Ramen Deforestation Free

Nissin Foods sells around 1.5 billion servings each year of its globally popular Top Ramen and Cup Noodle products, but the company has long suffered from a lack of transparency in its supply chain and Conflict Palm Oil in its products. Tens of thousands of concerned citizens across Japan, the US and the world are speaking up against Nissin Foods, and RAN is helping lead the way!

Rigged Games

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics and its corruption scandals are directly tied to rainforest destruction: The Games’ timber supplier Korindo was “allegedly engaged in questionable deals” as they bought up rainforests in Indonesia to harvest timber and develop palm oil plantations. But to date, the Tokyo 2020 organizers have failed to disclose how much Korindo wood they used, rejected six complaints we brought against them over their use of Korindo wood, and only partially disclosed where the wood was sourced from.

Stop the Olympics from destroying the rainforests

RAN and our partners — TuK Indonesia and WALHI — have been investigating a giant logging and palm oil company called Korindo, which has been cutting down rainforests in Indonesia. Korindo’s timber supply chain extends into some of the most biodiverse tropical ecosystems in the world, including the home of the critically endangered Bornean orangutan.