Get Insurance Companies Out of Fossil Fuels

Insurance companies are backing some of the most dangerous fossil fuel projects in the world. To make matters worse, they’re pulling your coverage when climate change hits. Join us is demanding that Liberty Mutual and the nation’s top insurance companies respond to the growing climate crisis.

Who’s insuring the Trans Mountain pipeline?

These insurance companies are insuring the violation of Indigenous rights, pollution of sacred waterways, and destruction of the global climate.

Liberty Mutual Stands With Tar Sands Oil

Liberty Mutual spends hundreds of millions of dollars every year advertising their insurance coverage for homes, cars and more. For the general public, they don’t advertise that they also insure…

Tell Liberty Mutual to ditch fossil fuels!

Did you know that Liberty Mutual is abandoning its customers that live in wildfire-affected areas across the western U.S., while simultaneously investing more than $6 billion in fossil fuels and…

5 Reasons RAN is Taking on the Insurance Industry

You may be wondering, what the heck does insurance have to do with climate change? Well, the insurance industry is supposed to protect us from risk. But when it comes…