Gulf Coast vs. Tar Sands: Environmental Deathmatch

Last week, we reported that Canada’s tar sands have just become the biggest source of oil imports to the US. This week we compare tar sands to the other big…

Indigenous And Hundreds More Challenge RBC On Tar Sands

Today more than 170 people rallied outside of the Royal Bank of Canada’s (RBC’s) Annual General Shareholder meeting (AGM) in Toronto after a series of creative non-violent actions all morning….

Tar Sands Threaten Canada’s Rainforests

October 12-18 is World Rainforest Week. Every year, we take this opportunity to highlight rainforest destruction around the world – and what we are doing to stop it. And RAN…

Freedom From Oil Tour diary # 2

The second edition in the 10 day adventure of educating and mobilizing people to stop the Tar Sands, with rock bands Propagandhi and Strike Anywhere [youtube fUbe3jztWEI]

Message from JB Fobister in Grassy Narrows

JB Fobister is a Grassy Narrows member who has been a key part of the community’s work towards self-determination. He sends this message: Six years ago when we blocked the…