Below are the insurance certificates for Cameron LNG, Freeport LNG, Gulf LNG, Lake Charles LNG, Rio Grande LNG, Sabine Pass, Southern LNG, and Tacoma LNG, revealed in the new report Risk Exposure: The Insurers Secretly Backing the Methane Gas Boom in the US Gulf South.

Cameron LNG (Download PDF here)

Cameron LNG (1)

Freeport LNG (Download PDF here)

Copy of Freeport LNG Certificate of Insurance

Gulf LNG Insurance (Download PDF here)

Gulf LNG Certificate of Insurance 2023-2024

Lake Charles (Download PDF here)

Lake Charles Harbor & Terminal District

Rio Grande LNG (Download PDF here)

Rio Grande LNG - NextDecade LNG LLC (003)_Redacted

Sabine Pass (Download PDF here)

Sabine Pass

Southern LNG (Download PDF here)

Southern LNG Kinder_Morgan_exp_9.1.24

Tacoma LNG (Download PDF here)

Tacoma LNG Certificates of Insurance