A Year of Impact at
Rainforest Action Network

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Dear Friends

A message from our Executive Director

“... Over the past year, I have been thinking critically about Rainforest Action Network’s history, our trajectory, and our place in the movement toward a just and sustainable planet. RAN has been in a months-long process of developing our next five-year strategic plan and so we have had many in-depth conversations about our strategy and our vision for the future.

Our commitment to people and planet remains unwavering. As we move forward, we are more determined than ever to strengthen our frontline partnerships, listen to the voices of those most affected by corporate corruption and systemic injustice, and take meaningful action to address the urgent issues of our time.”

Ginger Cassady
Executive Director

Download RAN's 2023 Annual Report to read Ginger’s full message >>

Resourcing the Movement

30 years of funding the frontlines with Community Action Grants

Community Action Grants supports people protecting millions of acres of forest, keeping millions of tons of carbon in the ground, and protecting the human rights, land rights, labor rights, and the right of self-determination for local communities across the globe. To date, our grantmaking program has made more than

1,000 grants
totalling more than
to organizations on
6 continents
doing critical work.

Learn more about the ground breaking strategies behind our grants and learn how you can make a contribution today >>

Building a Network

The importance of partnering with frontline communities

Our vision for change is interwoven within our very name. RAN’s network stretches across the globe, from the dense rainforests of Indonesia and the Amazon, to the frontline fights of fossil fuel expansion in the U.S. Our campaigns — and victories — are only possible because of the dedicated efforts of local and Indigenous partners.

Read more in “The Power of Partnership” >>

Challenging Corporate Power

Together we’re taking action to shift entire sectors

“Natural” Gas is Methane, and there’s nothing natural about it

There is nothing natural about Liquified “Natural” Gas (LNG), or methane gas. It is a fossil fuel that is 80 times more dangerous than carbon. Yet LNG is slated for the largest fossil fuel build out of this generation. In the U.S. Gulf Coast alone, there are over twenty new LNG export facilities planned.

We need a just transition to a people-centered economy with cleaner energy sources. That’s why we are calling out LNG for what it is: dirty, fracked, methane gas posing a massive threat to climate stability.

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P&G: Stop Forest Destruction

When it comes to protecting rainforests, Procter & Gamble (P&G) has taken a big step backward. In June, the company quietly published a revised Forest Commodity Policy that, in spite of commitments to intact forests and forest communities, actually weakens the company’s forests standards. Rainforest Action Network has continued to ramp up the pressure on P&G, demanding that the maker of popular cleaning and personal care products improve their policies.

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Insuring Our Future

Insurance companies are supposed to protect us from catastrophic risks. Yet when it comes to the largest threat to humanity — climate change — insurers are perpetuating dependence on fossil fuels by insuring new coal, oil, and gas projects. Incredibly, at the same time that they are pouring gasoline onto the fire of climate chaos, they are denying coverage for individuals living in climate-risk areas.

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Defunding Climate Chaos

The 2023 Banking on Climate Chaos report is the most comprehensive analysis on fossil fuel banking produced to date. This 14th annual version of the report continued to investigate the fossil fuel financing and policies of the world’s 60 largest banks.

The numbers were staggering. The report found that fossil fuel financing from the world’s 60 largest banks has reached nearly $5.5 trillion USD in the seven years since the adoption of the Paris Agreement, with $668 billion financed in 2022 alone.

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How your support protects people and planet

Explore our July 2022 to June 2023 budget and learn more about how we make every dollar count here at RAN.
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