RAN Responds to Lee Raymond’s Departure from Board of JPMC

In response to Lee Raymond’s announcement that he is leaving JPMorgan Chase’s board, Paddy McCully, director of the Climate and Energy Program at Rainforest Action Network, said:

“RAN welcomes the long-overdue departure of infamous climate denier Lee Raymond from the board of JPMorgan Chase in the face of widespread criticisms from both activists and shareholders. Raymond’s exit is a warning to the rest of Wall Street that there is no place for climate denialism in the boardrooms of corporate America.

“Raymond is notorious for his time as CEO of ExxonMobil, when he attacked climate science and hindered political efforts to address the climate crisis. That he was the longest-serving board member at JPMorgan Chase, the world’s biggest funder of fossil fuels, has long been a stain on any promises the company makes that it is confronting its role in the climate crisis. With Raymond gone, JPMorgan Chase must thoroughly purge his legacy from the company’s DNA by committing to an immediate end to financing for any expansion of fossil fuels.”