Protesters Tell Feds to ‘Keep It in the Ground’ at Fossil Fuel Auction in Billings

For Immediate Release, July 12, 2016

Kristen Owenreay, 806-283-1332
Virali Modi-Parekh, Rainforest Action Network, 510-747-8476

Protesters Tell Feds to ‘Keep It in the Ground’ at Fossil Fuel Auction in Billings

Message to Obama: Halt Lease Sales Now to Protect Water, Wildlife, Climate Future

BILLINGS, Mont.— Residents and activists protested today at a Bureau of Land Management fossil fuel auction in Billings, calling on the Obama administration to cancel the lease sale to protect water, wildlife and the climate future of communities in the region. The Bureau auctioned more than 700 acres in South and North Dakota, primarily in the area of Fall River County, South Dakota

“Fossil fuel companies make millions off public land leases while wreaking environmental destruction, and harming people’s health. This business as usual for oil, gas and coal in the Rocky Mountain west needs to end. With an executive order, President Obama could stop this corporate giveaway and protect public lands for the climate and our communities. Now is the time for him to act.” Kristen Owenreay, Billings resident.

The protest is part of a rapidly growing national movement calling on President Obama to expand his climate legacy by halting new federal fossil fuel leases on public lands and oceans. “Keep It in the Ground” rallies opposed to federal fossil fuel auctions have been growing across the country — in Utah, Colorado, Louisiana, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Nevada.