Fossil Fuel Phase Out Day at COP27

From Rainforest Action Network:

COP27 must build on the cover decision from COP26 by acknowledging the need to equitably phase-out all fossil fuels, not just coal.

It is too late to phase out one fossil fuel at a time. A COP decision that does not build on the foundation laid in Glasgow will inevitably be criticized as a failure.

It is critical that parties reflect the latest available science in the final outcomes of this COP by acknowledging the need to phase out fossil fuels. The 6AR makes it clear that an accelerated phase out of fossil fuels is a critical part of limiting warming to 1.5º. The International Energy Agency’s 1.5ºC-aligned NZE confirms that there is no room for new fossil fuels beyond existing fields and mines for 1.5ºC – and is the only IEA scenario that achieves energy access for all by 2050.

Phasing out fossil fuels does not mean ending fossil fuel use overnight, but a just, equitable, managed transition to renewable energy. Commitments to equity and finance will be key to unlocking the possibility to include fossil fuel phase out in the cover decision.