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There are only 60,600 wild orangutans left. Will you stand with them?

We're collecting 60,600 names to send to 20 snack food companies using "Conflict Palm Oil" in their products, one for every known wild orangutan remaining. Tell the Snack Food 20 you don't want Conflict Palm Oil in your food!

Send your message: Tell the Snack Food 20 to cut Conflict Palm Oil, not rainforests!

Learn more about Conflict Palm Oil

Watch the video: AMAZING! Orangutan asks girl for help in sign language


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  • commented 2016-06-24 11:05:33 -0700
    I am from india, in our country we are using different edible oils like groundnut, coconut, sesame oil etc. but others countries are dumping palm oil and the result, even though our farmers grow groundnut, coconut, sesame , they are too costly compared to imported palm ( palm oil is too cheap) , and the worst part is in govt public distribution system ( govt sells rice, oil etc), govt sells only palm oil.( india doesn’t have much palm trees) it affects native farmers too, but the worst part is poor people who depend on govt pds for food only buys palm oil bcoz no other choice, so mass no of people will use palm oil only. its difficult to understand the game of mnc s , so if orangutans have to be saved , first we have to stop using palm oil and prevent import and export of palm oil.
  • commented 2016-06-22 06:22:26 -0700
    Please stop!!!! By destroying God’s creations we are destroying ourselves!!!
  • commented 2016-06-18 15:40:57 -0700
    Il faut sauver les Orangutan
  • commented 2016-06-18 15:40:08 -0700
    Je suis contre l’huile de palm
  • commented 2016-06-18 05:59:45 -0700
    We not buying products contains palm oil
  • commented 2016-06-16 21:57:05 -0700
    It is never too late to do the right things !
    Let us protect the forest and the wild animals !!!!!!
  • commented 2016-05-31 07:58:48 -0700
    No more palm oil. Save the planet and save the animals !!
  • commented 2016-05-27 22:43:35 -0700
    Cut out palm oil!! All life matters! We’re destroying the Earth over profit! Wake up, it’s time to change!
  • commented 2016-05-21 16:16:51 -0700
    I think if everyone was informed about what products where destroying our planet most people would want them banned. But again, profit is the God of capital.
  • commented 2016-05-07 21:10:56 -0700
    We could all learn a little more about how to live a more sustainable lifestyle
  • commented 2016-05-04 11:01:57 -0700
    If it contains palm oil I won’t buy it
  • commented 2016-05-03 15:25:26 -0700
    A post is very cool, a lot of people found it interesting as I! Curso Estudo e Memorização das Amigas e Mulheres te ajuda a memorizar os estudos!
  • commented 2016-04-27 06:50:25 -0700
    We borrow the earth from our grandchildren. Palm oil companies are killing orangutans, creating smokes, increasing deforestation, in sum, destroying the earth. Please do not destroy the earth, the place where we live in, for profit that only few can savor.
  • commented 2016-04-26 19:52:44 -0700
    Dear Snack Companies,

    Our first grade class doesn’t want any palm oil in our food. We live in Singapore and when you give us palm oil, it is destroying the orangutans’ habitat, and the haze from clearing the rainforests in Indonesia comes over to Singapore as well. It creates lots of pollution for us and other countries as well. We love Oreos (and other foods too), but we are going to ask our parents to stop buying them, until you can make them without palm oil.

    Concerned First Graders
  • commented 2016-04-25 19:38:53 -0700
    I read labels. No palm oil.
  • commented 2016-04-25 15:25:44 -0700
    PepsiCo has officially lost my business until they repair their flawed systems and logic!!
  • commented 2016-04-11 14:03:52 -0700
    Today I will start checking labels and stop buying things with palm oil.
  • commented 2016-04-06 10:33:33 -0700
    Please stop producing palm oil, because by destroying forests, life is stopped, and one day humain beings will die because he will have no oxygen to inhale !
  • commented 2016-04-05 06:52:40 -0700
    I’ve stopped buying any product containing palm oil. Half of the things I love are completely eliminated from my diet. I will continue to tell people all over about this compain, even though they look at me crazy! Yanno what? I am crazy! Crazy about the EARTH!!!
  • commented 2016-04-04 22:02:39 -0700
    No more palm oil!
  • commented 2016-04-03 17:56:30 -0700
    Nothing short of genocide. Stop. Now.
  • commented 2016-04-03 17:31:14 -0700
    No mas Aceite de Palma. Amor y libertad a los orangutanes y campesinos.
  • commented 2016-04-03 16:46:48 -0700
    Please protect and save nature! Respect!
  • commented 2016-04-03 14:37:53 -0700
    Please respect them, stop palm oil production.
  • commented 2016-04-03 11:18:36 -0700
    Our world can sustain All Life when we Respect Its Resources over Greed! Please Be mindful of the products we purchase and consume that use Palm Oil such as Beauty Products, Snacks, Sweets, Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Doughnuts etc…There are many things humans love and enjoy that Palm Oil is included in its ingredients! Signing a petition is a great step but understanding and finding other alternatives is a far greater step to saving the precious lives who need it more than us! Thank you 💚
  • commented 2016-04-03 10:06:15 -0700
    No more palm oil..we need to save these beautiful animals & their habitat
  • commented 2016-04-03 07:22:29 -0700
    ces magnifiques animaux doivent êtres sauvés. Arrêtons de massacrer leur habitat pour enrichir multinationales.
  • commented 2016-03-19 08:49:49 -0700
    @ferrero Nutella IS possible without bloodoil! Just see what Ja!Natürlich has produced;)
  • commented 2016-03-18 15:28:53 -0700
    We need to change, we need to wake up. We’re killing other species and our own because of greed. Boycott brands from supermarkets to sweatshops. Use local farmers for food supplies. Don’t get anything with plastic. Think of how the people making your food and clothes suffer. How it’s a part of modern slavery. How we care so little. This needs to stop.
    Think about the blood on yr food and your clothes before buying it. It’s in your Palm!
    Once you buy these products you’ve contributed to the suffering, you agree wth it and you’re a part of a group of people who make other people suffer who have so much less than we do. No food, home, free time, nothing as such. No access to safety or clean water let’s make a difference!
  • commented 2016-03-17 20:32:18 -0700
    No more palm oil!! Free the orangutans