Long Isun berjuang mempertahankan hutan Kalimantan yang terancam hilang

Read this article in English >> ウェブサイトの日本語版はこちらから >> Masyarakat Adat Long Isun merupakan komunitas yang berada di garis depan perlawanan deforestasi di Borneo. Selama lebih dari satu dekade, Masyarakat Adat…

Long Isun Fights for Borneo’s Vanishing Rainforests

Klik disini untuk lihat halaman Bahasa Indonesia >> ウェブサイトの日本語版はこちらから >> Long Isun is an Indigenous community in Borneo on the frontlines of deforestation. For more than a decade, the community…

Hutan adalah diri kami sendiri

Masyarakat Adat di Indonesia sedang memperjuangkan wilayah adatnya — perjuangan mereka menjadi kunci dalam upaya menjaga kelestarian hutan. Read this article in English >> Read this page is Japanese >>…

The forest is part of us

The Pargamanan-Bintang Maria community in the province of North Sumatra, Indonesia can trace their roots back to about 125 years ago. The three Batak clans (Marga), Sitanggang, Simbolon and Lumban Gaol, migrated there during Dutch colonial times and were given the land by the ruler Partuan Nahoda Raja with the promise to never transfer its rights.

Make Top Ramen Deforestation Free

Nissin Foods sells around 1.5 billion servings each year of its globally popular Top Ramen and Cup Noodle products, but the company has long suffered from a lack of transparency in its supply chain and Conflict Palm Oil in its products. Tens of thousands of concerned citizens across Japan, the US and the world are speaking up against Nissin Foods, and RAN is helping lead the way!

Follow the Lead of Frontline Communities

For over 35 years, we’ve fought to preserve forests, protect the climate, and uphold human rights. Fighting against systemic injustice and partnering with Indigenous and frontline communities have been core values at RAN since our founding in 1985, because we believe that only if human rights and Indigenous rights are respected will we be able to keep forests standing and protect our climate.

Provide Direct Funding to the Grassroots

Since 1993, RAN’s Community Action Grants program has distributed more than 5 million dollars in grants to more than 400 frontline communities, Indigenous- led organizations, and allies, helping their efforts to secure protection of traditional territory in forests around the world and helping to keep carbon in the ground.

No New Fossil Fuel Projects: Halt Pipelines and Terminals

Indigenous and frontline activists are leading the fight against fossil fuel infrastructure threatening their communities, habitat and the climate. We could be on the road to a new energy future if we simply redirect the money slated for fossil fuels into sustainable alternatives. Big banks need to stop investing in dirty fossil fuels, violating Indigenous rights, polluting sacred waterways, and destroying the global climate, and start funding the future.

Follow the Money Behind Deforestation

Banks are directly financing the fossil fuel industry and their dollars are also literally clear cutting the world’s rainforests for the production of palm oil, paper and pulp and soy. It’s a double whammy on the climate and a triple danger for Indigenous and frontline communities. That’s why RAN is ramping up the pressure on some of the world’s largest banks and financiers.

RAN protests MUFG Union Bank

Help Frontline Communities Hold Corporations Accountable

From Indonesia to the Amazon rainforest, and all across the world, frontline and Indigenous communities are fighting to have their legal rights and their ancestral lands respected. They’re fighting to protect their forests, their culture and their ways of life. These Forest Defenders have protected 80% of the world’s biodiversity against corporate greed. Join the frontline community resistance and take action in support of local and Indigenous communities –– holding the line and protecting forests for us all!