The Leuser Ecosystem


The Leuser Ecosystem in Indonesia is the Last Place on Earth where tigers, orangutans, rhinos, elephants and clouded leopards all share the same habitat. 

It is home to diverse communities whose millions of people have relied on the ecosystem for generations to supply clean water, food, and livelihood. It is one of the world's highest plant and animal diversity regions, home to more than 100 mammal species, more than 90 reptile and amphibians, and more than 380 bird species.

The Leuser Ecosystem is critical to the planet's climate, thanks to its standing, intact forests and its peatlands which keep massive amounts of carbon in the ground. 

Yet this irreplaceable jewel is being systematically destroyed by logging, pulp plantations, mining operations, poachers, and by the skyrocketing demand for palm oil. 

Find out what we can all do, today, to save the Leuser Ecoystem.

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