Snack Food 20 Policy Implementation Evaluation

Snack Food 20 Policy Implementation Evaluation: A Framework to Assess the Implementation of No Deforestation, No Peatland and No Exploitation Commitments

The Most Important Place You’ve Never Heard Of

Can you picture a rhinoceros in the rainforest? Add a herd of elephants, families of orangutans swinging through the treetops and tigers prowling the understory and there is only one place in the world you could be: Indonesia’s Leuser Ecosystem, one of Earth’s most ancient forest ecosystems…

rhino, elephant, and tiger

15 Stunning Photos from The Last Place on Earth [UPDATED]

The Leuser Ecosystem, one of the most important rainforests in Southeast Asia, is being destroyed for massive industrial development including the expansion of palm oil plantations.

The Elephant Bridge

We’ve really got something to celebrate after “World Elephant Day!” Thanks to your petitions, strong negotiating by our campaign team, and powerful media exposés, we’re so very pleased to announce the protection and connection of the rainforest bridge Sumatran elephants use to migrate between critical parts of their habitat…their home.

Happy elephant

The Year in Conflict Palm Oil, 2017

The global demand for palm oil, the most widely used vegetable oil on Earth, is only increasing. It is found in over half of all packaged goods in an average…

Why Tropical Rainforest Deforestation Still Matters – And What You Can Do About It

Protecting rainforest is one of the best defenses we have against devastating climate change. We must continue to protect rainforest from multi national corporations profiting from rampant logging and land conversion – often for industrial-scale plantations of palm oil or large tree farms for pulp and paper production.

Big Food Tries to Buy Its Way to a Healthy Image

Another one bites the dust. Another mom and pop business, that is. Yesterday, snack food giant Hormel bought out Justin’s Nut Butter for $286 million. This is another example of…

Climate Culprits Exposed In New Scorecard

We know that keeping forests standing, along with keeping fossil fuels in the ground, offers Earth’s best hope for fighting catastrophic climate change. Yet everyday rainforests and carbon-rich peatlands are…